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Wirral Pathways Online Festival

I am very pleased to have been invited to be a part of the online Wirral Pathways Festival this year. Unfortunately I can't make it live on the day, but I am going to be pre-recording an interview.

Take a look at the line up! The festival organisers are also offering 3 ticket holders the chance to ask me a question...any question...

The official blurb:

Ticket numbers are limited!

1, The wonderful 'folk witch' Zanna part of our amazing line up this year

Zanna Buxton Kelly, Animistic Lancashire folk Witch, Wise Woman and Birth Doula, Hearth Craft, Family Folkways, Urban Homesteading & Folkwitch Lifestyle.

Check her new podcast out - don't miss it!

2, Well known writer and psychologist, Philip Carr-Gomm!

Philip began studying Druidry as a teenager under Ross Nichols. In 1988 Philip was made Chosen Chief of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, a position he held until June 2020, when he passed the title to Eimear Burke.

Philip says "Although my spiritual practice is rooted in Druidry, I believe we have entered an era in which we can move beyond attachments to labels, drawing instead upon the Perennial Tradition, being inspired by the wisdom in all spiritual paths and teachings – following the way of the Universal Mystic".

Philip is a teacher of mindfulness, sophrology and Nidra Yoga. He has created an online school, 'The Art of Living Well' with courses combining psychological and spiritual understanding.

We are delighted to welcome Philip to our online Zoom conference!

3, Great news for anyone who saw Steve Mitchell at our in-person event...and great news for those who missed his amazing and popular talk...

Steve is giving us the latest updates on his research into..

'Experiments with Sacred Space and Time'

Steve says "Over the last 2 decades I have been researching the link between sacred sites, mythology, legend and ancient and contemporary science. A while ago I made a film about this called 'Dragons and Rings', I have been on TV and radio and have also run numerous interactive workshops!

This talk will look at my last 20 years worth of work, updated with plenty of practical exercises for you to try as we go along.... So collect some stones, crystals, paper and a piece of silver foil (really!) ready for the talk.

Together we will create the sacred through science, in this interactive Zoom talk!

4, We are SO excited to announce that the 'kitchen witch' herself, author & columnist Rachel Patterson, will be giving an exclusive, pre-recorded interview!

This year Rachel was honoured to be added to the 'Watkins Spiritual 100 List 2023'.

We are giving 3 ticket holders the chance to have their question answered by Rachel...just message us and we will pick the lucky 3!

Rachel is known in the UK and internationally and says:

"I am an English witch who has been walking the Pagan pathway for over thirty years.

A working wife and mother who has been lucky enough to have had over 25 books published (so far), some of them becoming best sellers.

My passion is to learn, I love to study and have done so from books, online resources, schools and wonderful mentors over the years and still continue to learn each and every day but I have learnt the most from actually getting outside and doing it.

I like to laugh...and eat cake...!

It is my pleasure to give talks to pagan groups and co-run open rituals and workshops run by the Kitchen Witch Coven.

I am High Priestess of the Kitchen Witch Coven and an Elder at the online Kitchen Witch School of Natural Witchcraft.

A regular columnist with Fate & Fortune magazine, I also contribute articles to several magazines such as Pagan Dawn and Witchcraft & Wicca. You will find my regular ramblings on my own personal blog and YouTube channel.

My craft is a combination of old religion witchcraft, Wicca, hedge witchery, kitchen witchery and folk magic.

My heart is that of an English Kitchen Witch.

5, Our next amazing Speaker... Tarot and Oracle deck Creatrix and well respected author, Lyn Thurman!

Lyn's talk is about one of the most intriguing and mysterious Goddesses! Lyn says: "My talk is Baba Yaga and the Hags.

Russian folktales regularly feature the fearsome and formidable Baba Yaga, the old hag that lives deep in the forest.

Visitors to Baba Yaga do so at their peril: she may help or hinder, depending on her whim, and nearly all encounters with Baba Yaga involve a trial or ordeal. Of course, you may not survive your encounter with the old witch – she has a penchant for human flesh particularly of children and young women. Baba Yaga's name is still used today by parents to terrify naughty children into submission!

Could these strange stories featuring beautiful maidens, triple crone sisters, impossible tasks, fences made from human bones and horsemen with influence over time be an allegory of ancient feminine witchcraft practices? And is it possible that by unlocking the wisdom within Baba Yaga's wonder-tales we can find threads to native practices and rituals throughout Europe?

6, Speaker announcement! We are proud & thrilled to announce that international author & leadership consultant, Dr Lynne Sedgmore.

Lynne's talk is "The Power of Nature and Goddess Presence in Activism and Climate Anxiety"

As pagans, many of us feel helpless in the face of global warming and traumas happening to Mother Earth - but how can we respond?

Lynne says "I will share the core themes of Presence, Climate Peril, Climate Anxiety and Activism from my new book 'Presence Activism : An Antidote to Climate Anxiety'.

Its relevance to Pagan spirituality is in drawing on Presence from many perspectives, including nature, kinship and Goddess spirituality.

Many people are suffering from climate anxiety which needs to be alleviated and healed so they can feel empowered to take appropriate action.

Climate change is becoming more and more of a focus as the world is affected on a daily basis by new and detrimental impacts upon our beloved Mother Earth.

I will offer practical ways of dissolving and coping with climate peril and climate anxiety through introducing two innovative processes for practising presence and alleviating anxiety, the 'Presence Flower' and the 'Anxiety Flower'.

I hope that participants will feel better equipped to act in the face of climate anxiety and climate peril, and gain the strength and clarity to be effective Presence Activists in the world.


Dr Lynne Sedgmore CBE is a Priestess of Avalon, Priestess healer, and Interfaith Minister. She is a poetess, XR rebel, coach and leadership consultant living in Glastonbury.

Her latest book is Presence Activism : An Antidote to Climate Anxiety published in 2024. She is the founder and author of the Goddess Luminary Leadership Wheel book and teachings.

Lynne has three poetry collections, Enlivenment, Healing through the Goddess and Crone Times. Her poems, songs and articles have been published internationally in a range of anthologies. She is regularly interviewed on podcasts and speaks at conferences.

Lynne is a mother, step mother and grandmother. In 2016 she was named one of the UK’s 100 Women of Spirit. Lynne has fostered presence and spirituality in educational and mainstream organisations as a Chief Executive and senior leader for over 30 years and completed a Doctorate in Spiritual Leadership in 2013.

7, Tasha Chapman !

Tasha said,

"After Nearly 40 years as an initiated witch and priestess, following both Gardinarian and Alexandrian practices I have come to the realisation that Wicca is my heart, where as all things occult are my head. I have the deepest respect for all spiritual paths and practice magick in all its many forms. I love anything occult, hidden knowledge and I am a self confessed ritual junkie. I read tarot, use pendulums and do palmistry as well as reading tea leaves and other forms of divination. No known historical grandmother who taught me in the kitchen when I was three, other than initiation into her mysteries, all self and book taught laughs".

Tasseography is a form of fortune-telling by reading patterns and shapes in tea leaves.


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