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Handbag Magic

In my quest to work magic with everyday things I began to think about working magic with items that we carry with us. When we are out and about and don’t have access to any specific magical tools, what do we have on us that could help?

It may seem like a scary thought, but empty your handbag - I believe in America it is referred to as a purse, but in the UK a purse is the wallet a lady keeps her money in.

This isn’t limited to the ladies either, a lot of men carry bags. During the winter when he has a coat on when out my husband keeps his wallet, keys and phone in his coat pockets. However, in the summer he has a small bag instead, he refers to it as his ‘hunky man sack’ (make of that what you will…).

What have you got in your handbag and what magic could it help you with?

Purse/wallet – this is perhaps an obvious one, because it holds your money (or lack of). I think your purse makes a good ‘spell pouch’ for prosperity magic. You can add things to your purse or wallet to help bring money in such as a basil or mint leaf for instance. You can also dab peppermint oil on your purse to help the cash situation.

Coins – these make excellent offerings, although there is some concern that dropping coins into wells can damage the water. I use coins on my altar as offerings, I also use them in prosperity spells, particularly the silver ones.

Notes – bank notes are also useful for prosperity magic, but also for spending! It is also technically illegal to write on or deface bank notes. If it wasn’t, I would suggest drawing the infinity symbol or a fish (for prosperity) on the corner of any bank notes that come into your possession. This will help them to multiply and keep coming back to you. But as that is very naughty, perhaps just trace the symbol onto the note with your finger.

Keys – keys hold so much magic. They can be used in spell working to unlock secrets, doorways and portals and new avenues of opportunity. A key can be used in love magic, ‘the key to your heart’. And keys are excellent to use in crossroads magic.

Mirror – often you will find a small compact mirror in a hand bag and mirrors have a whole set of magic of their own. Mirrors have and can be used as charms, amulets, spell components and as a meditative focus.

The magic mirror is one of the oldest tools employed in both divination and spell casting. The classic magic mirror is a dark concave surface or reflective material. You can construct one for yourself by using the curved glass face of a clock and painting the convex side with glossy black paint. Some people keep one mirror for scrying and divination and one for spells.

Small mirrors or pieces of mirror can be used in creating amulets, talismans or charms.

Mirrors can be used in all sorts of magic - confidence, banishing, charm, communication, determination, fear, glamour, insight, luck, memories, money, truth and promises.

Mirrors are also good to use when shapeshifting.

Pen – the most organised among us will have a pen in their bag. This can be used to write sigils and symbols on any item. But also perhaps as a make shift wand or athame. Pens speak of communication and creativity.

Notepad – and super organised people will have a notepad in their bag. This can be used for all sorts of things. Sheets of paper for quick petitions springs to mind as the most obvious use. Sheets of paper could also be used to wrap ingredients for spells into a makeshift pouch.

Plasters – now we are getting into the seriously organised – plasters are good for bringing a situation together, helping sooth and mend a situation and even for a quick binding.

Feminine products – tampons and sanitary towels carry a huge punch of feminine energy so if that’s what you need then these would be very useful. They also absorb, so they could be used to soak up any negative energy.

Tissues – not just for blowing your nose, although you could work some release magic by sending whatever it is you want to get rid of into the tissue and then disposing of it. Tissues could also be used as makeshift spell pouches. Tissues cleanse, clean and wipe away. I think of them as being connected to emotions too.

Dog poop bag – I really hope you pick up your dog poop if you have a dog and I also hope you use biodegradeable bags. These could be used for spell pouches, but I like the idea of using them to dispose or situations or issues. Write your issue or a name on a slip of paper and pop it in the bag, preferably on top of the poop. Throw it away!

Hair brush – a hair brush says glamour and self care. You could also use it to brush out negative energy.

Hand sanitiser – most of us have a bottle of this in our bags at the moment, this can be used to get rid of negative energy, to cleanse, clear and dispel.

Moisturiser – gentle, soft and soothing. A blob of this can add the magic of gently restoring and repairing.

Mask – again, we probably all have one of these in our bags now, a mask is protection but also hiding and shielding.

Phone – nearly everyone has a mobile phone these days, see my blog for more details

Make up – I also talked about make up magic, see my blog

What do you have in your bag and what magic could you work with it?


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