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Regaining your power

I focused my Friday morning chat on regaining my power.

  • Most importantly, remember that you are never alone, particularly with this online world, there is always someone, somewhere that will listen.

  • You are important.

  • You are amazing, no matter what you think on a bad day, remember that you are just experiencing that…a bad day – underneath it all you are amazing.

  • There is nothing that cannot be sorted, dealt with or handled in some way.

  • Don’t give up, it is OK to have a day off and start again the next day, or even the next week.

  • Be kind to yourself and be gentle, learn to trust your intuition.

  • You are not broken; you do not need to be fixed – you might just benefit from a bit of TLC and some fine tuning.

  • Just because you are struggling does not mean you have failed.

To watch a replay of my talk and input from others in the same situation and our recommended help, click the link


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